Lights! Camera! Glamour for The Ordinary! The 1st Annual Chat Room Red Carpet Affair

Just recently, I ended the first season of my online radio talk show, The Chat Room Real People. Inspirational Journeys. The culmination of this major milestone was the 1st Annual Chat Room Red Carpet Affair. After 21 interviews with great inspirational guests on 17 shows with more than 2000 listeners, I had the honor of showing my appreciation with a formal event fit with entertainment, comeraderie and awards. I am very grateful for all the support of my dream come true in the making. I can’t wait to start up again in March 2012.

To make the magnificence of the evening come to life, a wonderful friend and colleague of mine, put her talent to work so that this would not only be an unforgettable affair, but told the story so that it could shared with the world. Thank you Kelley A. Redmon. Your gift is a blessing and I’m so grateful for you using it to support me.

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And so the story goes…

Lights! Camera! Glamour for The Ordinary!
By: Kelley A. Redmon

As the sun set on October 30th at the Mosaic Houston, there were no politicians, Nobel peace prize winners, notable athletes or well known entertainers being honored. Instead, the chandelier lit room shone brightly like a full moon as LaRachelle Smith, creator of The Chat Room, and guests of the 1st Annual Red Carpet Affair celebrated those who do small things to achieve big dreams which benefitted Texas Children Hospital’s Sickle Cell Anemia research.

The intimacy of the venue stylized the essence of The Chat Room and the altruism of the creator was epitomized as gowns and tuxes graced the red carpet to promote a woman who turned her passion and inspiration into a task to uplift others in life. Many times, it is the woman who plays the supporting role, but for Smith, her husband, Carlton Smith, was the visionary behind this brain child.

The affair was conceived and organized by Nicole Morris featuring Larceo Walters, comedian and master of ceremonies, and the evening began with  hors d’oeuvres and jazz music playing in the background as guests and honorees whimsically strutted to the melodic tunes rightfully taking their places on the red carpet. As the evening progressed, Smith, breathtakingly gorgeous in her gown provided by fashion designer Norma Palacios, took center stage and shared with the audience her vision and future goals as each awardee received a crystal plaque. If you did not believe in fairy tales, this event would have surely made you a believer. It was a magical and majestic night for awardees: Keith Henderson, Yovanni Luciano, Stacey Fletcher, Michelle Allen, Tracy Young, Sherry Johnson, Danielle Perkins, Roy Flores and Charles Jenkins.

Often called the Oprah of Houston by close friends, Smith’s show is important because extraordinary regular people that do quiet work is sustained and the power of one person extending their hand to another is not a hand out, but a hand up. Further, through her show, she reminds us that the every-day-person does not flaunt their money nor seek publicity, rather they just have an interesting story or more that needs to be shared. Captive listeners heard stories, built business ventures and tapped into artistic expressions to help them believe how persuasive inner strength is by appealing to anyone facing struggles and uncertainties by providing comfort and knowledge.

The idea of this tribute renewed a sense of urgency to reveal how success comes naturally when things are done with love and deep rooted passion.  Having more than 2000 followers, this mechanical engineer’s dream formulated success because she allowed herself to be who God planned her to be and provided an outlet to inspire others through experiences and stories.  She and those who appeared on her show and spotlighted at the event earned a place in the pantheon of greatness. Smith stated, “The reason for The Chat Room’s platform was to be thankful for the things in your life. You may not be able to choose what happens to you, but you can control what happens in you and that’s the message I want people to understand about dreaming, success, faith and belief.”

I encourage every reader to visit and learn more about the amazing contributions of “ordinary” people who are impacting the community and achieving positive results through the avenue of Mrs. LaRachelle Smith’s The Chat Room Real People. Inspirational Journeys.


The 2011 Chat Room Real People. Inspirational Journeys.

Larissia “Tracy” Young – Hairstylist, A Passion 4 Hair
Norma Palacios – Fashion Designer, Palacios Bridal
Gregory D. Anderson, Jr. – Voice Talent, G.A.P Productions
LaDonna Harris – Life Coach, Infusion Wellness
Charles “Skeeta” Jenkins – Public Speaker, Children’s Author
“Debbie Dee” Johnson – Radio Personality, Kansas City KPRT AM 1590
Chandra Livingston – CPA, Health and Wellness Consultant Arbonne International
Yovanni Luciano – Spanish Professor, Casa Goethe Dominican Republic
Keith “Kato Storm” Henderson – Artist
Military Wives – Tracy, Michelle and Stacey
Roy Flores – Public Speaker, Investment Broker
Kelvin Neal – Agriculturalist, Community Service
Sherry Johnson – Teacher, Sickle Cell educator
Marcus Davis – Restauranteur, the breakfast klub, Houston, TX 
ADHD/ADD Caregivers – Lori Gee, Percival Gibbs, Shay Izzard
Danielle Perkins – Generation Y Professional
Urban Exclusives – Generation Y Entrepreneurs, Publishers, The College Survival Guide
Lewis & Mary Rogers – more than 40 years of marriage

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The Chat Room Red Carpet Affair Photos by: Andrea R. Smith – Pie Face Art and Monica Blackshire – Taylor Made Photography

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