Keeping it Real Inspirational on “The Chat Room” Radio Show

All too often we get discouraged by the negativity surrounding us. Whether it’s a heated political debate or the latest celebrity scandal, there’s no shortage of things to bring us down.

But what about the things that uplift us? Where are the stories of triumph and inspiration? That’s exactly where “The Chat Room” comes in.

“The Chat Room” is an Internet radio program hosted by me, the creator, LaRachelle Smith. With a penchant for engaging listeners and sharing sage life advice, I offer insightful interviews with everyday people who overcame all obstacles to achieve success and live out their dreams.

“The Chat Room” seeks to help its audience excel in their own lives through sharing stories of truly remarkable people. The half hour shows are produced with creative and engaging content that has created an instant buzz.

Real people. Inspirational journeys. That’s what you experience in “The Chat Room”

Join me in The Chat Room Sundays Live 5:30p.m. CST at

After the Live Show, you can go and listen to the archive anytime. I also post photos of behind-the-scenes action of all interviews as well as video and audience discussion on my facebook fanpage. It’s a good idea to become a fan because you can stay connected with the Show, meet other fans and occasionally win free gifts. To become a fan, visit

Please feel free to contact me for more information about the Chat Room Internet radio show. Ask about being a hosting location if you want to spotlight your place of business, book yourself or someone you know as a guest. Phone 281.891.3439 or email

Hope you tune in to a Chat Room show soon where I introduce you to Real People with Inspirational Journeys.


About The Chat Room Radio Show

Real People. Inspirational Journeys. The Chat Room is an online radio show that inspires, enlightens and entertains the listeners through extraordinary stories of extraordinary people.
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