Shhh, Don’t forget to Listen: Simple strategy for good communication

We all have a voice within us. Even the shyest commmunicator longs to be heard. It’s our innate destiny to fulfill a purpose and it just can’t be done isolated in a quiet vacuum all alone. But no matter how loud or quiet our voices are, we won’t be heard until we remember sometimes we have to LISTEN.

Listening is a practiced skill. None of us is perfect at it. Besides, our own agenda often precedes others’, it’s only natural. Whether in a social setting, the classroom, the boardroom, with co-workers, friends, family or a client one-on-one, a good listener finds a way to relate what the speaker is saying to their own personal knowledge and life experiences; or even if they can’t relate, they respect the speaker’s own personal point of view then act accordingly. We live in a visually 3-dimensional world and there’s always more than one way to see things. Searching for common ground fosters connections.

When you listen and truly understand what someone is saying, you can connect with them on a deeper level and get them to hear what it is YOU have to say. After all, isn’t that really what you want anyway?

Once they know they have your attention and you genuinely care about their interests, they will be more likely to listen to you; then WOW them with your message. Stimulate their senses and sensibilities. Tell them something they don’t already know or haven’t already said in a way they’ve never heard or seen it before.

Simple language, vivid color, animation in multi-dimensions, graphic appeal laced with rich sound effects or music often conveys a message very effectively. This is the beauty of multi-media, a simple tool that most of us take for granted in our own daily communication, especially to the masses.

Make the voice within you heard so you can fulfill your purpose. Listen… then be memorable; now that’s a simple strategy for good communication…

Now, what do YOU have to say??

Written by: LaRachelle Smith – Host of The Chat Room Talk Show

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