What’s Your Unique Talent?

We are all good at something; whether we know it or not; whether we know what it is or not.

Through my own experience, I discovered very early that using computer technology came easy to me. I also realized that I love to capture moments and tell the story of that instance in visual ways, especially through pictures, videos and sometimes through modeling or creative role-playing. It was not until later that I learned that these skills had value; the type of value that made other people’s lives better. And so my quest began…

Without even thinking about it, we use or benefit from multimedia in many aspects of our lives. We NEED it to communicate with each other effectively. We use it in our presentations at work, in the classroom and on the web. We look for it on our mobile devices, in our emails and by way of online social networks. We use it to build structures that house our families. Scientists and engineers apply it to design the future for generations to come. It entertains us and brings us joy, inspires us to share with others and excites us to action.

Though we all excel at something, not all of us are going to be good at the same things. Our gifts and talents are especially our own. I encourage each of you to discover your own talents and abilities but if you should ever find the need to ask for mine, I’d be glad to help.

Written by: LaRachelle Smith – Host of The Chat Room Talk Show

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